Hendricks Family History
Compiled by Gerald Hendricks

Welcome to my family's genealogy site. Listings included for Carson, Ludwig, Dietrich, Dintaman, Huss, Nagle, Roetling, Shipman, Wooldridge and others.
Dedicated to David Sauer who began this project with the Carson line, and motivated me to continue it.
Thanks also to Alan Kennady, John Shipman Hendricks, and all the others who have contibuted information for this collection. Please contact me if you have any addtions, corrections, or can contribute photos or documents. One of the greatest pleasures of this endeavor has been establishing contacts with long lost or unknown relatives.
All material, including photographs, are freely available for non commercial use.
Disclaimer: I have deviated from standard geneaolgical practice, and have included information about living individuals. I have attempted to contact included individuals to seek permission, and a few have chosen to remain private. I fully respect your right to privacy and acknowledge that identity theft is real. I therefore encourage all those included not to use your birthdate, city of birth, mother's maiden name, etc, as passwords or secret questions. This information is probably available somewhere else, but I don't want to be held responsible if the information is misused. If you want your inclusion to be marked private, please let me know.
Jerry Hendricks
Last updated, December 30, 2012.