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Welcome To The World of Jerry Hendricks

I've been a collector and compulsive list maker for as long as I can remember. I suppose it started with baseball cards as a boy growing up in Buffalo, NY which I still regret letting slip away. I moved up to the usual stamps and coins, and for a while place mats (I wonder if they are still in a box in the attic somewhere?). As an adult my habit spread to a wider range of collectibles (much to Barbara's chagrin) and I have never even attempted to list the number of current collections. This project started when I decided to get a handle on my burgeoning record collection. As a further act of self indulgence, I moved the catalog to the web giving me the ability to check my possessions while shopping for more. I've gradually added travel and entertainment lists, with others to follow. Hopefully, one's life is not measured solely by possessions and travel experiences, so this is not an attempt at an autobiography, but I have discovered a fragment of my DNA . Concurrently, I have been researching my family history, and when it became possible to turn that work in to a web page, it was added as well. I found it very troubling that I missed so many opportunities to find out more about our past while my grandparents were alive, so I gained a further incentive to record my life events for the benefit of my grandsons. So this is primarily for Jack and Cannon and my own enjoyment, but if if you find it amusing, even better.



Family history information for Hendricks, Carson, Ludwig, Dietrich, Dintaman, Huss, Nagle, Roetling, Shipman, Wooldridge and others.
(Photo: Jack, Jerry and Kitty Hendricks, Buffalo, NY, 1951)

Photo Collection

(Photo: Glenveagh National Park, Ireland, May 2012)


National Park sites, National Trust properties, World Heritage list ....
(Photo: Lake Bled, Slovenia, May 2013)

Record Collection

Vinyl, 45's, 78's
(Photo: Seeberg Select-o-matic M100C, 1952)


Concerts, theatre, comedy, lectures
(Photo: Bruce Springsteen at the Lincoln Memorial, January 2004)

Top Ten Lists

Albums, Books, Concerts, Lodging, Songs, Vacations ....
(Photo: Maasai Mara lions, Kenya, March 2001)

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The World of Jerry Hendricks

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